“Thereabouts has a place - an important place, to make cyclist think about why they love cycling in the first place.”

– Sakari Kyrö

“A pure riding journey by two brothers... better than Tour De France”

– ‘Lovecycling’ on cyclingtips.com.au

“Cyclist or not, #thereabouts is an incredible film. Highly recommended.”

- Ian Harmon on Twitter

“Inspiring. All 3 of your films now are firm favourites.”

– Tim Shuttleworth on Vimeo

“Watched #thereabouts again. Now too stoked to sleep.”

- Peter Shaw on Twitter

“You legends! I’m a Colombian living in Melbourne and this is one of the best videos I have ever watched in my life. I’m a cyclist, my city is Medellín and I am very proud of my country after watching this. It was brilliant to see colombia through the eyes of an Australian on a bike. Great jobs guys! I rented it and now I'm about to buy it.”

– Camilo Garcés on Vimeo

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