Diving In.

_It’s always strange travelling home for the first time in a few years. The streets are mostly the same, except for a new shop here and a vacant one there. The faces serving coffee are still the same, a little older now and maybe in charge of their own store, but still there all the same. The beach is still there, as is the skate park. The schools now moved further out of town but the cinder blocks that supported the demountable classrooms remain. 


It’s all there in some capacity, whether it’s just a shadow of its former self left behind, or if it remains untouched operating as it always has. It’s these thing’s that haven’t changed and those that have which instantly transport us back in time. The people we grew up with, the things we got up to after school, the places we hung out. Forgotten memories are dug up and brought to the front of our minds, and the sensations we felt as kids surge through our body once more.


We're back in our home town for the first time in years to do some training in the lead up to the 2015 season. I left here a cyclist and in a strange full circle I've returned one. RIding the roads again have brought back all my most fond memories of what it was to grow up out here but nothing brought back the cow-shit fights and doughnuts in the paddock-basher like visiting our favourite camping spot west of Beechwood. 




As all the memories of growing up have returned so easily, lets hope the sensations in my legs will also return to what they once used to be_Gus



_This is my favourite spot in the world. When I’m homesick in a hotel, or standing in a line at the airport or trying to hire a car I imagine myself here. It calms me down. Its constant, its remote its home_Lach