We have had the view that sports in general is losing its sense of magic and wonder in recent times - in part due to scandal and in part to the reduction of all achievements to a bunch of numbers and all title winning efforts to a scientifically predetermined plan. We wanted to do something that re-embraced that magic of old. We wanted to participate in the frontier type adventures of Lawson and Wentworth, to be pushed to our limits, in over our heads all whilst exploring a true wilderness.

What began as a way for us to catch up in the off season, and merge our two worlds of cycling and photography turned into a completely unique cycling experience. We threw away the conventions we knew of road-cycling, the training bible, the diet, and the equipment. We stopped talking about other people’s form and started talking about the most interesting places to go. We ignored everyone else’s opinions. We picked a route we knew would be extremely challenging, would have us end up in places way off the beaten track and with people we’d normally be to afraid to approach. We told mum and dad, and then we just went and did it.

We found and met some of the most interesting people we ever have. We were challenged mentally and physically in some of the harshest environments across Australia (and the world) and had a hilarious time doing it all. It spawned a new sense of excitement in the sport that had grown stale for us. We discovered the bike was an incredibly diverse tool. One used not only to test yourself against others in competition or to explore and see the world in a unique way, but one that can open the minds and hearts of even the most steeled bar flies in the dustiest, dirtiest pubs half way to no where.

This is our Thereabouts, the way we want to ride our bikes. Your Thereabouts is most likely something completely different and thats what it should be. All we want is for you to think about sports differently. Forget the superstars, and the teams. Engage with people you never would have, in places you havent been. Push yourself, test yourself and all not for victory, but rather, just because you can.